Friday, March 11, 2011

Suffering From Card Making Withdrawal!

My last post was on November 22nd, 2010.  I was fortunate enough to have a card published in Papercrafts Magazine and I was so proud of my great cardmaking hobby!  Unfortunately, life got crazy busy and making cards fell by the wayside and the rest is history.  My blissful cardmaking room got messier and messier by the day and I got sadder and sadder watching it happen.  I miss all of my sweet cardmaking buddies out there!  I have randomly been viewing my favorite blogs and wishing it was me making those beautiful cards!  I miss being a Shabby Girl in The Shabby Tea Room!  I miss being a Polkadoodle Girl over at Polkadoodles and I was always grateful for the opportunities to design! 
I wanted to thank Debbie in The Shabby Tea Room and Nikki over at Polkadoodles for their understanding when I had to step down from my design positions.  Those were not decisions that I made lightly!

Lately I am suffering from cardmaking withdrawal and it is getting stronger by the day!  I have kept up with all of the new products over at Papertrey Ink (my favorite online shop!)  I'll need to win the lottery to buy all of the products that I have missed out on while I've been on hiatus!  I love all of their designers and I follow their blogs as well!  The itch to make cards again is back and I can't wait to get started!!
There is just one problem......
This room is just unworkable!  I have been trying to tackle it little by little but is so overwhelming!  If anyone of my followers reads this blog post could you please give me a tip on tackling this mess!  It would be greatly appreciated!
I can't wait to get back to designing and look forward to entering all of the fun card challenges once again!
See you soon in blogland!


  1. Hey Lisa,

    I can't give you any tips because I am constantly trying to dig out myself! But I can say you have been missed and I hope you will be back real soon! Hope everything is okay with you and your family and that you can at least do a little crafting now and then!


  2. Hi Lisa! Good to see you back here! I'm not good with the tips either...though I am busy selling a lot of my stash on ebay...some of it just HAD to go! I'm in love with all the new PTI stuff too....just a shame we can't get it over here without paying A FORTUNE in shipping!!! Hope things have settled down a bit for you? jenny

  3. Hi Lisa!
    First of all; I am so happy that you're back!!!!!
    I don't have my own craft room yet; we're working on it :). My dining table is my craft space and e-v-e-r-y night I have to clean up the mess :)
    You can't declutter the whole room in one day.
    Pick one box, drawer or a shelf each day. Or take 15 minutes each day. If there is more time you could take - for example - an hour.
    First step; make some piles of the same stuff.
    Create one empty shelf, box or drawer and you can fill that with stuff you just sorted out. Step by step you will get there.....
    Don't feel ashamed. I am cleaning up our loft. And that is what you could call a huge mess. Or battlefield. My oh my. But each day I'm working on a small piece and it works great.
    But most inmportant; you're back and it's good to see you !!!!!

  4. HI Lisa!
    Already started cleaning up???? :)
    Just kidding because I know you have a very busy life. But I hope that you can share some pictures after you cleaned it up :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. So sorry you are not able to card craft lately. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations!

  6. Glad you are still with the crafting bug!! As for the tidy up - just do a bit at a time and try and group things together! Good luck!

  7. Great to see your mojo returning, Lisa I too would make piles of like items and pop them into boxes. Move all to one corner/area of your room so you can see your carpet again. Next tackle your desk, make it inviting and empty so you feel a fresh start coming up. Once you see a bit of a tidy space you won't feel so overwhelmed. You'll need to tackle your boxes and sort through them, not all at once just bit by bit. Maybe put up some new shelves too, so the room feels just how you like it. Good luck, it happens to all of us, just remember that you are very fortunate to have such a large crafting area you just have to pretty it up again so you feel homely in there :)

  8. Hi Lisa,

    I am just wnated to let you know that I would love to see you back creating. But I realise that life can be busy for you without spare time crafting.
    I hope you and your family are ok..

    Thinking of you!

  9. Just poppin' in...I hope you and your family are well.
    Miss you in blogland...