Friday, April 24, 2020

Coloring With Jammie on a Coffee Date!

Hi, Coffee Loving fans! I'm up on The Coffee Loving Cardmaker's blog today and I’m thrilled to have my good friend Jammie Clark join me today – she’s my ‘official’ coffee date and master colorer! Jammie and I met on a design team and then I had the pleasure of meeting Jammie in person this past January at Creativation! Jammie's a ball of energy and so much fun! In her spare time she LOVES to color using Copic markers and colored pencils and she is so good at it that she can teach you how to color too! Check out her website Sweet Sentiment, for her coloring classes and you too can "Color with Jammie"
Here's a little bit about Jammie:

Hey everyone, I’m Jammie, no not like pajamas!!!! I live in Idaho with my awesome husband of nearly 15 years, our teenaged son (pray for me), and our amazing pup, Archie. I got into crafting somewhere around 2008 ish when my cousin started selling Stampin Up and I purchased a few things to support her. I got addicted quite quickly (which I think was her intent all along). She also introduced me to Copic markers and it was the beginning of the end. All of my waking hours and every spare dime I had went to learning how to use these magical instruments of coloring goodness. Fast forward to the present time and I figured out that my passion lies in teaching others how to color as well. It’s my life, and my happy place, and when I have coffee in my hand, it's what makes me smile. I have a crazy amount of college credits and various degrees in everything accept art, and I honestly don’t use any of them. I am a total book nerd and I’m proud of the fact that I read 52 last year. I drink excessive amounts of coffee and dream up new stamps and sentiments that (hopefully) no one else has thought of yet. That’s me in a nutshell.

For today's cards Jammie and I decided to use the same stamp set from Jammie's store called
Coffee Planner Set and it has the most adorable little "Jammies" in different poses with coffee cups!

Here are Jammie's 2 cards that she created with this adorable set:

And here are my 2 cards using the same set:

For the background of my cards I used a stencil that Jammie also carries in her shop called 
Mandala Stencil and it's so pretty! It reminds me of a giant lace doily!
Here is a picture of it:

Jammie and I had fun on our virtual coffee date and I hope you love our cards as much as I do! Hey if you can't meet at Starbucks, this is the next best thing, right!

Thanks for joining Jammie and I today, we're glad you stopped by for a cup of coffee and some friendly crafting!

Have a great day, I already am!
☕️ Lisa  ☕️ 


  1. Loved this coffee date, all 4 cards are great and I do love that stamp set. That pretty mandala stencil really set that card off nicely. Thanks for the coffee date fun!

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