Sunday, January 20, 2013

Make It Monday #100: How to Package Cards with Oversized Embellishments

Today at Nichole's blog, the Make it Monday challenge was how to package cards with oversized embellishments.  Honestly this has been a subject that I have been battling with for quite sometime until I discovered glassine bags!
I was so happy to have discovered glassine bags a while back because they seemed like the only option for oversized cards and they lend themselves to some beautiful embellishing!  I'm glad Dawn did a video on this subject because it was nice to see different options.  I had to make a baby card for a co-worker and my card had such a large bow on it, I had no choice but to use a glassine bag to fit the card.  I loved embellishing the bag and my favorite technique is to punch two holes in the top and thread a ribbon through them and tie into a big bow!
I love the bag as much as the card!
Here's the card and the beautiful bag:
Apologies for the poor lighting.
Have a great day everyone!
I already am!


  1. What a cute, cute card (just using a circle and cutting out a quarter of it for the baby carriage?) Love the envelope too! :0)

  2. Very cute card and I love how you decorated the glassine bag! Adorable!