Friday, November 8, 2019

New Happy Hanukkah dies from Kat Scrappiness

Well it's official! Halloween is over so everyone is ready for the holidays!
All the stores will turn green and red and Christmas music will take over the airways!
And with Christmas coming that means Hanukkah is not far off as well.

It is one of my most favorite holidays because growing up the holidays were
always about family! I have very fond memories of sharing Hannukah 
with my family and I always love lighting the menorah with my kids
as an adult. I have a beautiful menorah from a dear friend that she
gave me at my wedding and I take it out every year for Hannukah!

My friend Kathleen Driggers from Kat Scrappiness just came out with the most gorgeous
Happy Hanukkah die with matching shadow die as well!
She sent me one to play with because she knew I would love it!

This die is seriously one of the most gorgeous Hanukkah dies I have ever seen!
I used the shadow die for this tag and it really makes the words just pop!

If you celebrate Hanukkah and even if you don't you have to check
this die out! It really adds that special something to your Hanukkah cards!
She also has a similar die for Christmas you can check it out here.
I think that die will be the next on my wishlist!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!
I already am!
❄️Lisa ❄️

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