Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year, New Projects

Hello and Happy New Year!  While browsing YouTube recently I came across a process video showing an art journal page and I was intrigued.  Mixed media has always interested me but I've never really dabbled in it too much. It's funny how card making and art journaling are similar yet different.  I have many of the supplies required for art journaling but there was a few essentials that I needed so of course I had to go shopping.  Sometimes I think buying supplies is almost as much fun as creating with them.  So to make a long story short, I've embarked on a new path to create art journal pages along with my card making.  The best thing about art journaling is that anything goes and there is no right and wrong. It's very freeing!  I love all the colors and techniques available and there are so many great art journalists to learn from on YouTube.  I fell in love with Vicky Papaioannou and Tamara Laporte's art just to name 2 but there are countless more. Here are my first few pages and I like them but obviously with anything new there is room for improvement.  A couple are in an art journal book I bought and 2 are just separate pages to add to a book later.

So much fun to try new things!  

Have a great day, I already am!

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